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You won’t find any other training website that provides the same unique and intricate training as ConsciousPoker. Developed by Professional Poker player Alec Torelli, ConsciousPoker is catered to those who are searching for a cutting-edge program to take their skills to the next level.

The courses provide you with content that will enhance your mental awareness and help you achieve your main goals by focusing on your strengths, identifying your weaknesses, and giving you the knowledge to play the best hands at the right time.

What Makes ConsciousPoker
So Powerful?


Play better hands at the right time! Process your opponent’s next step and know when it’s time to fold. Learn to play your best game by breaking down each hand step by step.

Mindset & Focus

Learn to focus, concentrate, and stay sharp! Have a competitive edge over other players by preparing for long sessions and analyzing what factors affect your mental ability.


As a Pro Member, you have access to Alec Torelli’s best training tools, and even better, Alec himself! Engage with other poker enthusiasts and learn from the pros.

Strategy & Tactics

Place the right bets at the right time! Learn strategies to play each hand, beat your personal best and predict your opponent’s next move. Be in a position to win in each hand you play!

Why ConsciousPoker?


Control your work schedule and play when you want, for as long as you want. Whether you’re playing in high stakes tournaments or for fun, Poker could be a profitable side hustle.


Learn the best strategies and techniques with ConsciousPoker and watch your bankroll grow. Learn the tools to multiply your winnings each time you play and earn big from high-stakes games!


Who wouldn’t want to quit their day job to play a game they love? Travel the world and experience new cultures and pay for it with your winnings. You could be playing with VIP’s from all over the world and staying in luxury hotels instead of working a 9-5!

ConsciousPoker Has Helped Even the Most Experienced Poker Players Beat Their Personal Bests!

Meet the Founder Alec Torelli
- World Poker Champion

Hi, I’m Alec! I’ve won over $1.5M playing poker, and now, you can too. I compiled the most essential tools of poker into a convenient training website. The Conscious Poker Pro Membership is for players of all levels looking to elevate their game and make some money along the way.

Alec Torelli

Founder of ConsciousPoker & World Poker Champion

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If you’re looking for new opportunities to make more money while improving your poker skills, ConsciousPoker is for you. Don’t be mistaken, this doesn't happen overnight. Alec puts 100% into each client and expects you to do the same!

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